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Maximum usability for voicemail management on the mobile phone

Communology’s white-label Visual Voicemail (VVM) products and services empower traditional voicemail with a maximum of usability for the customer. VVM clients support the retrieval, display, storage, forwarding and real-time synchronization of voicemail audio files on the mobile phone. The feature set is extended with optional voice-to-text functionality in a single user interface. VVM is offered for a broad range of mobile devices and multiple platforms including web clients.

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Communology offers a broad variety of Visual Voicemail features and services: 


Voicemail Management

Retrieval of audio files, storage, sorting, deletion or forwarding of voicemails

Real-time Synchronization

Matching of all client settings with the operator voicemail system; seamless greeting recording and upload to the voicemail system

Roaming Settings

User definition of VVM processes when roaming


Functionality to sort messages by date, length or caller



Multiple Greeting Management

Local storage of personal greetings with seamless upload to the voicemail system as desired

Voice-to-Text Integration

Voicemail files will be transcribed to text and inserted in playback screen

Phone integration

Integration of relevant phone features to increase usability, e.g. direct phone book connection


Optional integration of advertising with opportunities for direct response



Web VVM client

Alternative access to voicemails via web clients for PC, Tablet PC or mobile devices with

Communology offers compelling Visual Voicemail benefits:

  • White-label product with minimum adaptation requirements for short time to market
  • Maximum usability through innovative integration of network and phone features in a simple user interface
  • Strong enrichment of typical voicemail features with multimedia functions
  • Support of a broad portfolio of smartphones and feature phones for multiple platforms including Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Java ME and Brew
  • Collaboration with leading voicemail system suppliers guarantees interoperability and reduced complexity
  • Full indemnification of VVM for the complete service and version management secure fast time to market
  • Optional advertising integration can strengthen the Visual Voicemail business case
  • OOTA client provisioning and OEM client integration secures fast service roll out


Visual Voicemail Architecture

Success Case: T-Mobile Mobilbox Pro

T-Mobile launched Visual Voicemail with mobile clients from Communology

The service is called Mobilbox Pro and enables T-Mobile customers to access their voicemails directly on their phones. Using Communology’s Visual Voicemail clients, the user can decide which voicemail he wants to listen to first. With one click, the user can delete or store voice messages. Incoming voicemails are seamlessly matched with the user’s phone book displaying the relevant picture. The portfolio of supported phones started with Symbian devices with more platforms to follow. Visual Voicemail clients are embedded in mobile devices. T-Mobile customers can use the popular VVM service Mobilbox Pro without downloading or installing any app.

»We looked for a software partner enabling us to deliver mobile clients for our Mobilbox Pro service quickly without compromising on our high quality standards. Communology’s proven expertise and reputation as a quality leader convinced us. After successful service launch we will further extend the portfolio of supported devices and have clients embedded in several devices soon.«
Dr. Günter Maringer, Vice President Device Software, Deutsche Telekom

Success Case: T-Mobile Mobilbox Pro

Smart Visual Voicemail for Nokia Series 40 devices

Communology managed to overcome Java platform restrictions for Visual
Voicemail and can now offer a full feature Visual Voicemail client software
for Series 40 devices. Private APIs have been developed in close cooperation
with Nokia to enable loudspeaker turn-off and handling of silent legacy SMS
which is not standardized in generic Java ME.

Communology is the only company worldwide, that can offer Visual Voicemail with this feature set on Nokia Series 40 devices.

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